Ops! 12 years of art

Author: opsadmin

  • Publication Choreography

    Publication Choreography

    Publication, publicity, public, republic, republication, republicity. Making them convert into each other. Posts on the net, steps on a dancefloor, voicing the content, DISCOnversion. All visually, tactiley, kinesthetically arranged in a way to co-create affects. A poem, a dance, a touch, a story. Recording. In progress.

  • Reading aloud an archive

    Reading aloud an archive

    It’s the morning we are going to leave. For France for Along the Walk. Along the leaving for France we think of posting something at Ops! site. It feels right. This something needs to be a detail from Ops! history and maybe even the future. Who knows. And we search for an information on the […]

  • As the day comes

    As the day comes

    This is a long time wish. To publish one by one a material. What is left. Aside. In a basement. As a base. This could be a poem. And it could be a document. It is about an organization from Slovenia. An art organsation.